Fruit Brix Acidity Meter

Fruit Brix and Acidity Meter

Fruit Brix and Acidity Meter

Fruit Brix and Acidity Meter is used to check the sweetness and sourness from the fruits. This meter takes out the measurement in an accurate and rapid manner. Using this meter one can easily determine the actual harvest time. This device may also be come for the purpose of utilizing in investigation as well as in production laboratories together with food processing business.

Test acidity (Sourness) of fruits accurately and quickly To decide the appropriate harvest time
To determine the price by quality according to the Acidity in trade Perfect for Citrus, Orange, Pineapple, Kiwi, Apple & Grape
To keep density to suit an end-user's taste Suitable for research and education purposes

Analytical bench top acidity meter Microprocessor Based
Automatic Temperature Compensation Platinum gilded electrode used
Self-Diagnostic with Message Codes Display Low Battery Indicator
CE mark obtained Supplied as compete test kit

Model PX-185
Measuring Range 0.0% ~ 45.0%
Pineapple: 0.00%~3.30%
Kiwi: 0.00%~2.00%
Accuracy Brix : +/-0.2%
Acidity : +/-0.05%
Resolution Brix : 0.1%
Acidity : 0.01%
Power Source Battery 1.5V x 4EA
AC 100~240V/60Hz

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