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Micro Balance 2.1g to 31g

Micro Balance 2.1g to 31g

Panomex is the only Indian manufacturer, which uses state of the art technology and designs micro balances for pharmaceutical and medical research, where precise weighing is required for samples from a few micrograms to a gram.Whether there is a product testing or quality assurance in laboratory, these microbalances by Panomex deliver trust worthy performance time after time. These micro balance systems feature Air buoyancy correction software that ensures true mass measurement and compensation for fluctuations in air density.

Panomex Laboratory mircro balances are manufactured with ISO9001 standards and are CE mark obtained. Our product quality, real time service and reasonable price make us one of the most trusted laboratory balance supplier in India.

Check uniformity in critical components Imported sensors for errorless measurements
Perfect for medical and pharmaceutical research Stabilize readings within 10 seconds
Air buoyancy correction software Error-free storage of tare weights

Model PX-MB21 PX-MB51 PX-MB31
Capacity 2.1g 5.1g 31g
Readability 0.1 µg 1 µg 1µg
Repeatability ± 0.25 µg ± 1 µg ± 2 µg
Linearity ± 0.9 µg ± 4 µg ± 10 µg
Response Time (avg) 10 seconds 10 seconds 14 - 18 seconds
Tare Range 2.1 grams 5.1 grams 31 grams
External Calibration(Optional Weight required) 2 gram Class 0 5 gram Class 0 30 gram Class 0
Power Source Power Adapter 120 V
Selectable Weight Units g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt, tlh, tls, tlt, GN, dwt, mg, /lb, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS
Calibration Self-Calibration "isoCAL" function
Optional Printer
Rechargeable external battery pack
Data transfer software
External calibration mass

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