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Precision Balance 0.1mg

Precision Balance 0.1mg with External Calibration

These laboratory precision balances set new standards in weighing specifications. Used for Counting, Average Weighing, Unit Conversion, Accumulation of Weighing Results. These precision balances ensure maximum accuracy and reliability with 3 different units that come with capacity 210g, 100g and 60g with readability to 0.0001g or 0.1mg. Like other units these equipment also feature large LCD display, 3 sided glass wind screen, heavy duty metal base and smooth touch key pad for easiest operation. Designed and manufactured with newest technology, Panomex ensures quality of your measurement results, compliance with required regulatory standards and your efficiency as well.

Readability 0.0001g (0.1mg) External Calibration
User selection of number of applications Ultra Large backlighted LCD display
Glass Wind Shield with 3 side removable doors Heavyweight base made of metal Die cast
Hook for bottom weighing Level Indicator on the front
RS232 computer interface Easy to clean and operate

Model PX/MA214 PX/MA104 PX/MA64
Capacity (g) 210 g 100 g 60 g
Readability (g) 0.0001 g 0.0001 g 0.0001 g
Capacity (ct) 1050 ct 500 ct 300 ct
Readability (ct) 0.001ct 0.001 ct 0.001 ct
Pan size Ø 80 mm Ø 80 mm Ø 80 mm
Calibration External
Display LCD with back light
Power AC 100 to 240V, AC/DC SMPS Adapter
Output RS232 interface

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