Portable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Panomex Inc. brings to you nice selection of portable or handheld dissolved oxygen (DO) meters. Measurement of dissolved oxygen has never been so easy, thanks to these instruments designed and manufactured by Panomex Inc. that features accurate measurement, comfortable readings and rugged housing for achieving optimized performance even in tough conditions of laboratory and fields. Coming with maximum user flexibility, this handheld DO Meter allows users to toggle between mg/L to ppm, temperature units either °C or °F, manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation etc. Calibration is easy and automatic, which is performed 100% in saturated air and 0% in zero oxygen solution. To achieve higher level of accuracy, we have designed our instrument with automatic temperature compensation.

Features that make this handheld DO Meter the most trusted and user friendly are offering freeze of readings, large memory of storage and recalls up to 4 8 readings, stored data meet GLP standards, USB communication interface and many more. With auto-power off function, user can save battery for future use. The hard carrying case keeps the instrument and accessories safe when not in use.

Handheld and light weight design Selectable temperature units either °C or °F
Automatic temperature compensation Large memory storage capacity
Recall memory up to 48 readings USB interface for data output
Large LCD screen for comfortable readings Readings can be freeze

Model PX-132 PX-133
Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.00 ~ 20.00mg/L or ppm 0.0 ~ 20.0mg/L or ppm
Resolution 0.1mg/L 0.01mg/L
Accuracy ±0.2mg/L ±0.5mg/L
% Saturation of Oxygen 0.0 ~ 200.0% 0.0 ~ 200.0%
Temperature Range 0.0 ~ 50.0°C 0.0 ~ 50.0°C
Temperature Compensation 0 ~ 50°C Automatic 0 ~ 40°C Automatic
Salinity Correction 0~50g/L 0~35g/L
Sensor Type Polarographic Sensor Polarographic Sensor
Hold Function Manual / Automatic Manual
Memory 500 data sets with Date/Time stamping 48 data sets with Date/Time stamping
Power Requirements 3×1.5V "AA" batteries 1×9V/800mA battery
Accessories Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Electrolyte Solution
Membrane Cap Kit
Batteries and Carrying Case
Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Electrolyte Solution
Membrane Cap Kit
Batteries and Carrying Case

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