LUX Meter

Light Meter (LUX Meter)

Light Meter (LUX Meter)

Panomex, leading supplier of LUX meter in India brings to you accurate, fast and reliable light meter (lux meter) that measures up to 50,000 lux and food candle up to 5,000 Fc. This unit is meet industry standards and perfect for environment analysis where light level measurement is an essential process. This Light level meter lets user to select lighting type i.e. Tungsten, fluorescent, Daylight or Mercury. This Lux meter features large LCD display, easy to use push buttons, RS232 interface, auto power off etc.

Lux and Foot Candle measurement Handheld design easy to use
Lighting type Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight or Mercury Zero adjustment by push button
Records Maximum, Minimum and Average readings with recall RS 232 PC serial interface
Build Zero button Separate UV LIGHT probe

Model PX-205
Lux Range 0 - 50,000 Lux
Foot-candle Range 0 -5,000 Fc
Lighting Type Daylight or Tungsten
Fluorescent, Mercury lamp
Sensor photo diode & color correction filter
Sampling Time Approx. 0.4 seconds
Power off Auto and manual shut off
Power Supply 006P DC 9V battery

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