Microwave Leakage Detector

Microwave Leakage Detector

Microwave Leakage Detector

Secure your home and office from microwave leakage; this microwave leakage detector is a handheld instrument and detects microwave leakage instantly and accurately. This instrument meets FDA standard for microwave leakage. This detector instrument has been designed to check dangerous levels of EMF leakage common to microwave ovens. This microwave leakage detector is laboratory tested for accuracy. Not only instant detection, this device also offers audible alarm beep when detection found at level of approximately > 1 mW/cm^2.

This microwave leakage detector often called microwave leakage tester has been ergonomically designed in such a way that it fits in your hands comfortably and can be operated with single hand. This is a low cost instrument that not only works for oven but can also be used for cell phone and wireless radiation test, EMF value of hospital equipment, and other areas of factory, laboratory and field works.

We are leading supplier and manufacturer of microwave leakage detector instrument in India and supply this device at wholesale price all over India and overseas with excellent warranty. To know more about this instrument or other important details, please fill the contact from or just send us an email.

Handheld device Safe and simple to use
Built-in alarm Laboratory tested for accuracy
Delivers instant results Meets FDA standards

Model PX-206
Measurement Range 0 to 1.999 mW/cm^2
Operating Frequency Range 2.45 GHz ± 50 MHz
Sensor Space length 50 mm
Peak Hold To latch the max. measuring value
Alarm Activate at > 1 mW/cm^2 approximately
Power supply DC 9V Battery

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