Wind Speed Meter Anemometer

Vane Type Anemometer

Vane Type Anemometer

This is a 4 in one handheld wind speed meter anemometer vane type that features single hand operation, LCD display and measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity and dew point with one device. This unit comes with rugged ABS plastic housing that ensures worry free working performance even in tough conditions. This vane probe anemometer unit complys with all industrial standards and available for sale all over India at wholesale price. To know more on this one of most selling wind speed measurement instruments please make a call to use or send us an email.

Handheld design Single hand operation
Rugged housing 4 in 1 professional device
Humidity with Dew point measurement Low-friction ball vane wheels

Model PX-198
Air velocity Range 0.4 to 30.0 m/s
1.4 to 108.0 km/h
80 to 5910 ft/min
0.9 to 67.0 mile/h
0.8 to 58.3 knots
Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 % to 95 % R.H.
Dew Point -25.3 to 48.9°C
Sensor Type Anemometer: Van probe
Humidity: Capacitance humidity sensor
Temperature: Semiconductor
Data Hold Yes
Power off Auto and manual types
Memory Recall Maximum & Minimum value
Sampling Time Approx. 1 second
Power Supply DC 1.5 V battery ( UM4/AAA ) x 4 PCs
Weight 182 g

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