Chloride Ion Meter

Chloride Ion Meter

Chloride is one of the major anions in water and wastewater and essential element to measure in boiler and cooling water that may affect metal parts. In a treatment plant, chloride level may vary but a high level of chloride concentration can put adverse effect on plant operation. In order to measure chloride ion level in water, Panomex Inc. brings an innovative range of chloride ion meters available in both portable and benchtop designs.

These meters feature 2 to 5 points push-button calibration from low to high concentrations. In addition, these meters also perform mV and temperature measurements that allow users to work on multi-platform with a single device. These chloride ion meters also offers data freezer function, auto and manual power off and memory storage up to 500 data sets. Reset function allows returning factory restore settings. To more about price and delivery details, please fill the box, our team will assist you further.

2 to 5 points push-button calibration Temperature and mV measurement
Automatic Temperature Compensation Automatic endpoint freeze
Option of Calibration due reminder On screen help message as operational guide
Setup menu lets user customize calibration points Reset function can resumes all settings
Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings USB communication interface

Model PX-121 PX-122
Construction Benchtop Portable
Ion Concentration Range 5×10-5~1M
Ion Concentration Accuracy ±0.5% Full Scale
Units ppm, mg/L, mol/L
Calibration Points 2 to 5 points
Calibration Solutions 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000ppm
mV Range -1999.9 to1999.9mV
Temperature Range 0 to 105°C, 32 to 221°F
Temperature Compensation 0 to 100°C, 32 to 212°F
 Automatic or Manual
Power off Automatic and manual type
Data freezer Automatic and manual type
Stability Conditions Low or High, Selectable
Calibration due reminder 1 to 30 days or Off
Reset Function Yes
Memory 500 data sets with Date/Time stamping
Output USB Communication Interface
Power Requirements  DC5V AC adapters
3×1.5V "AA" Batteries

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This video describes how Chloride Ion is measured in given samples with the help of our Chloride Ion Meter