Coir and Jute Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Coir and Jute

The Panomex coir moisture meter is the optimal tool for testing moisture content in coir, coco rope, jute and many other fiber materials. This handheld instrument features many user friendly controls, fast and reliable measurement that enable you to get accurate and readings time after time. Along with coir, this device is also perfect for other fiber materials and a highly optimized tool for wood, jute bags and coir manufacturers, suppliers and trades, helping them to judge the quality of the product at every process.

Handheld device, easy to carry Simple to use
Fast and reliable moisture measurement Low power consumption
Date and time stamp for each stored reading Ideal for coir and other fiber materials

Model No PX/MIP-501
Cotton 3.5  to  20%
Wool 10   to  40%
Jute 7   to  32%
Rayon  7   to  32% 
Staple fibre     7   to  40%
Silk 6   to  30%
Nylon 3   to  17%
Acrylic 1   to  5%
Polyester 0.5 to  2.25%
Viscose       3.5 to  29%
Food Grains 2   to  15%
Pulses           2   to  15%
Oil seeds     2   to  20%

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This video describes how moisture in jute is measured in given samples with the help of our jute moisture meter