Cotton Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Cotton & Lint

This moisture meter is microprocessor based instrument; designed especially for moisture measurement of cotton and lint. It is a handheld meter and essential tool for cotton producers and suppliers helping them to measure the quality of the product.

For cotton manufacturers and traders, it is important to measure cotton moisture content in order to prevent unnecessary losses; the cotton moisture meter is an essential device for testing for the proper moisture levels. The right moisture level is a key factor during the ginning process, and also determines the quality of the cotton fibers.

This moisture meter is compact and reliable device that performs highly accurate moisture measurement time after time. It is a must have instrument for those who need effective moisture content measurement of cotton, seed-cotton and lint. This comes with portable design, easy to carry and suits the needs of true field works.

It features microprocessor controlled functions, LCD screen and excellent storage capacity. It is supplied with a carrying case that keeps the instrument save when not in use. It also features low power consumption with auto power cut-off function.

Perfect for cotton, lint and others Fast and reliable measurement
Compact design, fit for field testing Greater accuracy
Low power consumption Auto power off
CE certified Carrying case included

Model PX-172
Measuring Range 0-80%
Penetration Depth Up to 50mm
Resolution 0.1
Display LCD
Accuracy ± (0.5% + 0.1)
Battery Indicator Low battery indicator
Temperature 0 – 50°C
Auto power off After 5 minutes from last key operation
Power Supply 4x1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery
Optional Accessories RS-232C cable & software
Standard Probe
Soft carrying case

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