Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

This halogen moisture analyzer provides fast, precise and reliable moisture determination time after time. This portable instrument covers some typical applications relating to tobacco, paper, food, tea, corn, chemical, row materials, pharmaceutical material and textile material etc. This system is highly reliable that you can easily depend on it for efficiency and excellent repeatability, even for the small sample quantities.

Model PX-166
Weight Range 0 - 100g
Readability 0.01 % / 0.001g
Measuring Scope 0.01% - 100%
Data Output RS232
Heater Halogen-lamp Heating
Temperature Range 50°C – 200°C
Testing Mode Auto / Manual / Timing
Display Content % Temperature, Weight, Moisture, Time
Pan size Φ90mm Diameter of 110mm
Weight 7.5kg
Power Supply 110V / 220V

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