Hay Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Hay, Corn and Straw

This hay moisture meter is fast, reliable and simple instrument that helps users to check out moisture content in straw, corn, wheat, paddy and rice. Designed with microprocessor circuit, this hay moisture tester lets you experience accurate and quick measurement. This hay moisture meter is light weight and completely digital and helps farmers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to prevent deterioration, rot and decay caused by moisture at storage and in trade.

This instrument gives you the convenience determining the price by quality and quantity according to the moisture content in trade. With digital readout, automatic temperature compensation and compact design, this hay moisture meter by Panomex is proved to be one of the finest agricultural instruments available on the market.

High precision measurement Compact design, easy to carry
Economize times & expenses in dryness Prevents deterioration & decay caused by moisture
Checks out moisture content in wood, tobacco or hay accurately Enhances convenience & efficiency on processing

Model PX/HMM- 3308
Measuring Range 9.0%~50.0%
Accuracy +/-0.5%
Display LCD
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Power Supply Battery 9V x 1EA

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This video describes how hay moisture content is measured