Honey Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Honey, Honey Refractometer

This honey moisture meter or honey refractometer by Panomex is a portable, handheld instrument and suited for honey producers, suppliers and traders. Our honey moisture meter is being successfully used by many honey farms, honey processors and food manufacturers across the country. This honey moisture refractometer is known for its accurate measurement for honey moisture content (% water content of honey).

This instrument is a digital device that features user friendly controls and lets you experience simple and fast honey moisture measurement time after time. This moisture instrument is pocket sized, easy to carry and can be easily used in field applications like honey farms. No doubt, the size, design, function and performance will surprise you. This honey refractometer will expand your range of measuring possibilities.

Pocket sized, easy to carry and use Just 2-3 drops of sample sufficient
Fast and reliable measuring Measurement displayed in just 3 seconds
Hot or cold samples can be measured Zero setting (calibration) can be done with distilled or tap water
Large LCD with dual display Heavy duty & compact housing case
Records Maximum & Minimum reading with recall Data hold function to freeze the reading
Auto shut off function Class IP65 dust and water proof

Model PX-163
Measuring Range 12.0% ~ 40.0%
Accuracy +/-0.2%
Resolution 0.1%
Display LCD
Calibration Standard Solutions
Protection Class IP65
Power Source Battery 9V x 1EA

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