Polyester Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Polyester Yarn & Fibre

Polyester Moisture Meter

This polyester moisture meter is a battery operated portable instrument and an excellent choice for textile industry. With this digital polyester moisture meter you achieve greater degree of accuracy with rapid measurement. This moisture meter gives true polyester yarn moisture content readings by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material, which always is proportional to the content of the moisture.

Not only polyester, this instrument is designed with storage of moisture scales for a big variety of textiles such as wool, rayon, cotton, linen, nylon, acrylic etc. This portable polyester moisture meter provides easy material selection by using 2 push buttons. If you want to measure room temperature and humidity, this can be measured by a special probe, which is optional and supplied on demand.

Portable and battery operated instrument Microprocessor controlled functions
Ideal for a large variety of textiles Easy material selection using 2 push buttons
High accuracy and reproducibility A wide choice of useful accessories
Supplied in leather carrying case with neck strap Certified and laboratory tested

Model PX-175
Residual Moisture Wool, Ryan, Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Acrylic
10 Material Mixtures
Reading Using 0 - 100 Scale
Room Temperature -30°C to 70°C (Optional)
Humidity 5% to 95% (Optional)
Display LCD
Resolution 0.1
Measuring Accuracy 1% Full Scale
Repeatability 0.3%
Power Supply Battery 9 V E Block
Battery Indicator Low Battery Indicator
Power Function Auto Power Off after 2 min of non-use
Weight 600g (1300g)
Accessory Connecting Cable - 1pc
Electrode Holder - 1pc
Needle Electrode - 1pc
Needle Electrode - 2pc
Surface Electrode - 1pc
Operational Manual
1 Simple Calibration Report
Optional 300mm Needle Electrode - 1pc
27mm Roller Electrode - 1pc
Thermo-hygrometric probe - 1pc
Calibration Electrode - 2pcs

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