Red Pepper / Chili Powder Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter for Red Pepper Powder

Moisture Meter for Red Pepper Powder

Panomex brings to you moisture meters for red pepper that are capable of giving accurate and repeatable results time after time. The two models meet the demands of true field work and help pepper producers and suppliers to determine the price of the red pepper by quality and quantity according to the moisture content in trade.

These red pepper moisture meters are designed to give you many years of reliable service. Rugged construction and compact design offers worry free performance time after time. These two models efficiently measure moisture of red pepper yet have different application. Model 1 determines moisture of red pepper powder while model 2 determines the moisture of red pepper before making it into powder.

Both moisture meters feature automatic temperature compensation, low battery indicator and use electrical resistance method to measure the moisture content. These meters are supplied with instruction manual helping users to operate the instrument in a simple way. A carrying case is provided for their safe storage and transportation. These meters are tested and certified and internationally recognized for its achievements.

Simple, fast and accurate Electrical resistance method
Average data available Low battery indicator
Cells insert or direct type Automatic Temperature Compensation
EM & CE marks obtained Automatic temperature compensation

Model PX-180 PX-181
Moisture Range 8.5% ~ 21.0% 8.5% ~ 21.0%
Application Red Pepper Powder Red Pepper before powder
Moisture Range 8.5 % to 21.0 % 8.0 to 27.5%
Sensor - 170mm
Operating Temperature -5°C to 40°C
Temp. Compensation Automatic
Resolutions: 0.1%
Accuracy: +/-0.5%
Display LCD
Power Source Battery 1.5V X 4EA
Weight Approx. 700g Approx. 800g
Extras Instruction Manual
Carrying Case

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This video describes how moisture is measured in given red pepper samples with the help of our moisture meter

Moisture meter for measuring moisture of red pepper powder