Portable pH Meter

Portable pH Meter

Portable pH Meter

Our Portable Digital pH Meter is a heavy duty, waterproof and has been designed with the latest microprocessor technology to provide reliable field and laboratory results and accuracy under harsh industrial conditions. This Portable / handheld pH Meter features large LCD that displays the pH and temperature (°C, °F) simultaneously. On-screen messages and graphic symbols help users during the calibration and operating process.

This Portable pH Meter has an automatic pH calibration procedure with 3 standard buffer values (4.00 / 6.86 / 9.18), buffer recognition to avoid errors, and automatic temperature compensation. The complete unit is supplied with pH electrode, temperature probe, pH buffer solution sachet, batteries, instructions and hard carrying case.

Reliable, fast and accurate Easy to carry anywhere
Simple to operate Automatic Calibration
Auto-Buffer Recognition Automatic Temperature Compensation
Data Hold Function Power Monitor
On-screen Message Indicator Useful graphic symbols

Model PX-103
pH Range -2.00 to 16.00pH
pH Accuracy ±0.01pH
mV/ORP Range -1999 ~ 1999mV
mV/ORP Accuracy ±1mV
Temperature Range 0 to 100°C, 32 to 212°F
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C, ±1.8°F
pH Calibration Points 2 points
Temperature Compensation 0 to 100°C Automatic or Manual
Memory 50 Data sets with Date/Time stamping
Output USB Communication Interface
Power Requirements 9V/800mA Battery

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