Bulk and Tapped Density Apparatus

Tapped Density

In pharmaceutical, tapped density is a factor that may create big changes in production and is used as a prime scaling parameter for common drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The performance of final products (tablet and capsule in solid dosage form) totally depends upon absolute and relative densities of raw materials; therefore, it becomes imperative to measure tapped or bulk density before taking them into process. In order to measure and monitor tapped or bulk density of powder samples and compacts, an instrument is employed, which is called Tapped Density Apparatus. The purpose of this instrument is to analyze, which powder sample does not meet the normal QC tapped density specification might disrupt the manufacturing process.

Bulk & Tapped Density Tester

Bulk & Tapped Density Apparatus

Panomex brings to you dual platform tapped density tester, which has been carefully designed so that when you calculate tapped density of powders, granules and flaked materials, you have an errorless, fast, flexible and stable instrument. This density meter provides standardized method and unparalleled ease-of-use at an attractive price.

The model comes with standard sized graduated cylinder and provision for 80 columns dot matrix printer. In addition to standard USP I method (Tap height: 14mm ±2mm, Tapping rate: 300 taps/min approx.), ASTM configuration can be provided as an option. This instrument is suitable for pharmaceutical and industrial applications such as tablets, capsules, various types of chemicals and powdered metals.

Supports both USP I & II test methods Calculates Bulk & tap density and compressibility
ASTM method optional Tapping & rotating at same time
Smooth touch key pad Two cylinder holders
Provision for dot matrix printer Stepper motor drive
Alphanumeric data entry Built-in validation facility
Can save up to 24 test results On screen operation guide
Keypad with password protection Auto tap repeat function

Model PX/BDA-1951
Test Methods USP I & II (ASTM optional)
Method USP I Tap height: 14mm ±2mm
Tapping rate: 300 taps/min approx.
Method USP II Tap height: 3mm ±10% (±0.3mm)
Tapping rate: 250 taps/min approx.
Validation Built-in validation facility
Tap range 1 – 9999 taps
Drive Stepper motor drive
Display 20 x 4 line alphanumeric backlit LCD
Key board 16 keys feather touch key board
Printer Parallel printer port for Dot Matrix Printer (80 columns)
Power supply 220 / 230 Volts 50 Hz
Model PX/BDA-951
Maximum Counts 9999
Display 4 Digit 7-Segment Red LED
Keyboard 6 Soft Touch Membrane Keys
Cylinder 2 Nos., 50/100 ml Cylinders
Drop Height 25 mm (Approx.)
Power 230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz.
Dimensions 600 x 450 x 200 mm (Approx.)
Accessories 50 ml Cylinders – 2 Nos., Instruction Manual & Dust Cover

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Working and demonstration of our bulk density apparatus