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With PX/FL681, a digital photofluorometer, you can perform precise analysis of flurophors and quinine. Designed specifically for life science laboratories, this smart instrument fulfills your requirements of accurate results with the sensitivity you demand. This fluorometer is a compact system, which occupies very low bench space, while offering convenient and excellent throughput for fluorescence assays.

It is a low cost fluorometer model has been designed and manufactured for laboratories, where routine analysis of fluorophors is a prime requisite. This system uses 50 W tungsten halogen lamp, Corning 5840 and Corning 5113 primary filters and Corning 4308 and Corning 3486 secondary filters, ensuring excellent fuoro sensitivity; full scale deflection obtained with 1 ppm quinine sulphate in 0.1 N sulphuric acid (primary wavelength 360 nm).

This digital fluorometer greatly enhances productivity of your laboratory, designed with latest technology, use of imported mechanical and electrical parts, imported lamp and other components; it allows you to perform fluorometric determination of quinine more quickly as compared to other Indian made fluorometers available on the market today.

Covers entire visible range Excellent detection sensitivity
Compact and efficient Bright red seven segment LED display
Occupies low bench space Precise analysis of Flurophors & Quinine

Model PX/FL-681
Lamp 12V, 50W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Sensitivity Range Adjustable in 4 ranges
Primary Filters Corning 5840 and Corning 5113 mounted on holders
Secondary Filters Corning 4308, Corning 3486, Corning 3385 mounted on holders
Fluoro Sensitivity Full scale deflection obtained with 1 ppm quinine sulphate in 0.1 N sulphuric acid (primary wavelength 360 nm)
Display 3 digit bright red seven segment LED display
Detector Photodiode / cell
Minimum Sample 4 ml
Power 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz. AC
Standard Accessories - Primary and Secondary filters: A set of 5
- Test Tube: A set of 5

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