Friability Tester

Friability Testing

Friability (the condition of being Friable) testing is a method, which is employed to determine physical strength of uncoated tablets upon exposure to mechanical shock and attrition. In simple words, friability test tells how much mechanical stress tablets are able to withstand during their manufacturing, distribution and handling by the customer. Throughout pharmaceutical industry, friability testing has become an accepted technology and the instrument used in to perform this process is called Friabilator or Friability Tester.

In friability test, samples are counted and weighted then tumbled in rotating drums with baffles, when the process is stopped; samples are moved out from the instrument, wiped-off dust and weighted again. The difference between the weight before and after the process is determined as Friability and should not exceed 1%, which is considered an ideal percentage. In some cases, where diameter of tablets is greater than 13mm, such tablets are tested on drums 10° tilted.

Friability Test Apparatus

Friability Tester

Panomex Inc. brings to you friability testers often called friabilators for accurate friability determination of compressed and uncoated tablets. These instruments are available with 1 or 2 drums as required. Confirming to specifications of USP, BP and EP, our friability testers offer reliable results, while providing you ease of operation through advanced designing and configuration of the machine.

Our friability Tester offers many user-friendly features essential for fast working and accurate testing all the time; automatic pre-set count stop, audible alarms for user alert, a provision to connect dot matrix printer and digital weighing balance, in-built self validation program (printout can be take of validation report). The instrument is easy to use and maintain.

Thanks to our engineering team that has devoted its experience and employed users' feedback in designing the instrument. The whole machine has been configured in such a way so that any user can perform friability test without any proper training. If you are looking to buy a friabilator, please contact our sales team for price list and brochure. We guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction from product performance to service.

Available in 1 or 2 drum models Meets specification of USP, BP, EP
Compliant with IP, BP and USP standards Supplied with IQ, OQ & PQ documents
Automatic pre-set count stop Audible alerts
Provision to connect dot matrix printer In-built self validation program
Weighing balance interface Easy to use front loading system

Model PX/FTA-902 PX/FTA-903
No. of drums 2 1
Drum rotation 25 ± 1 rpm
Accuracy ± 1 revolution
Resolution 1 revolution
Range 0-999 revolutions
Operating Temp. Range 10°C to 50°C
Power 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz.
Optional IQ, OQ & PQ documents
Model PX/FTA-1902
No. of drums 2
Drum rotation 20 – 60 RPM
Display 20×4 Alphanumeric LCD
Keyboard Soft touch membrane keys
alphanumeric mobile keypad
Counter 1 to 9999 rotations
Timer 1 sec to 9 hrs 59 min 59 sec
Type of Drive Direct Drive with Stepper Motor
Printer Attachment of RS232 printer with Serial interface
Electrical Supply 220 V AC 50 Hz

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This video describes how friability of tablets are done with the help of our friability tester.

Friability tester with 2 drums - this video describes its installation and operation