Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator by Panomex Inc is an affordable titration analyzer designed with everything you need to perform analysis of moisture concentration of various substances including oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and food etc. that are soluble in alcoholic solution (titrant). The moisture content is displayed in ppm, % and mg H2O.

Also called Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer, our Moisture Titrator is portable in size, fully automatic and delivers highly accurate and consistent results. It features intuitive display; a menu driven guide helps you to operate the machine easily throughout the titration process. This KF Moisture Titrator is equipped with soft touch numeric keypad used to enter sample feed value, density, titer factor, date and time etc easily. In order to identify End Point, audio and visual alarm is fitted. It employs averaging method to provide titrate value.

It has memory storage facility; user can save date, time, batch number and final 20 titer readings. Titrate readings are saved first-in first-out basis. An excellent battery power backup is provided in our KF Moisture Titrator to store titrate results and other parameters up to one month even the machine is switched off. External printer attachment facility is also provided with this instrument. User can use DOT matrix printer to take printouts of the readings for further studies.

We are leading manufacturing company of Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator in India. We supply this instrument worldwide at factory price with excellent warranty. To know price, quotation and other important details please email your query or just make a call to our sales team, they will guide you with everything you need.

Employs volumetric method In-build magnetic stirrer
Soft touch keypad w/ menu guide Up to 20 readings memory storage
External printer provision End point audible & visible alarm

Model PX-1760
Measuring Range 10 ppm to 100% of moisture
Measuring Method Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration method.
K.F. Dispensing Highly sensitive motorized dispensing system.
Resolution of Titrant Volume 0.01 ml
Indication of Titrant Volume 0.00 to 99.99 ml on display
Moisture content calculation (Automatic) %      : (0.00 to 100%)
ppm :: (10 to 9999999)
mg H2O : (0.00 to 999.99)
KF Titer Factor In-built Automatic KF Titer Factor calculation facility
End Point Alarm Visual LED and Audible Alarm
Dispensing Pump Calibration Available through Key board
Wait Time for End Point Adjustable (1 to 59 seconds)
Key Board 24 keys soft touch membrane type
Sample storage Up to 20 latest samples using FIFO memory
Display 8 digit bright red seven segment display
Clock In-built clock with date & time display
Stirrer In-built Magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed.
Reagent Bottle 3x250ml bottle for KF Reagent, methanol & calcium chloride
Printer Interface External Serial printer interface available.
Power Supply 230V A.C ± 10% 50 Hz.
Accessories - Dual Platinum Electrode
- Built-In Magnetic Stirrer
- 250ml Bottle for Methanol
- 10 Syringes
- Adapter for KF Reservoir
- Set of Dispenser Tubes
- Bottle Container
- Titration Vessel with Teflon Cover
- Teflon Coated Magnetic Stirring Capsule
- 250 ml Reservoir Bottle for KF Solution
- 250 ml bottle for Calcium Chloride
- Adapter for Methanol Reservoir Bottle
- Set of Connecting Tubes

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