Leak Test Apparatus

Leak Test Apparatus

Leak Test Apparatus by Panomex Inc. are bench mounted machines especially designed to augment packing performance in wide industry segments including pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics etc. Our Leak Test machines are used to test packing and steal integrity of blister, tablets and pouches (sachets). Furthermore, the test finds out small holes, micro cracks and seal imperfection within product packing and sealing that cannot be seen through naked eye.

Our Leak Test Apparatus are fitted with completely transparent Desiccators made from polycarbonate plastic. Their lightweight and unbreakable design makes them deliver long lasting and safe performance. Desiccators are available in 6", 10" and 12" of sizes (Please clarify size at the time of purchasing).

Our leak testers feature soft touch key pad, alphanumeric digital display, compact vacuum pump and vacuum gauge. The GMP model is available with DOT matrix printer attachment facility.

Ideal for all flexible and rigid packs No calibration required
Microprocessor based circuit Accurate leak testing results
GMP model available on demand Provision of DOT matrix printer
Alphanumeric LED display with backlight Soft touch keypad
Programmable hold time Memory storage facility

Model PX-1961 PX-961
Vacuum Range 150 - 600 mm Hg up to 22” of Hg
Vacuum Setting Vacuum stabilization for set value < 400 mm Hg ± 10 mm within 30 seconds Vacuum stabilization for set value < 400 mm Hg ± 10 mm within 30 seconds
Desiccator 12” 6”, 10”, 12” (Please specify while ordering)
Display 20 x 4 Line alphanumeric LCD with backlit 4-Digit Seven Segment Bright Red LED
Keyboard Soft touch membrane keys, Alphanumeric mobile keypad Soft touch keys
Hold Time Up to 9999 secs 15 – 9999 Secs
Printer Attachment of DOT matrix printer -
SETUP'S Setup's 5 Programmable user setups for quick analysis -
Accessories - Main Apparatus along with vacuum pump
- Polycarbonate desiccator along with connecting tube
- Instruction Manual
Power AC 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Optional - IQ / OQ Documentation
- DOT matrix printer

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This video describes how Leak Test Apparatus is for leak testing of strip and blisters