Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter

This chlorophyll meter performs non-destructive measurement of chlorophyll content in intact samples. This measurement data is used to monitor environmental stress and plays important role in evaluating effectiveness fertilizer. Furthermore, this chlorophyll tester determines to which level fertilizer treatment should be given and optimize harvest schedule.

This chlorophyll meter features water proof housing, lightweight handheld design and easy to use keypad buttons that deliver excellent working performance in fields. This instrument is highly easy to operate; simply insert a leaf and close the measuring head and measurement appears on the screen. It is a low power consumption device that enables you to complete many measurements without replacing batteries in short period of time. The large memory of 30 datum is sufficient to store measurements for future analysis. Please contact our sales team to know price and other important details.

Light weight & handheld design Fast and easy measurements
Small measuring area Superior accuracy
Large Data memory Reading checker

Model PX-144
Measuring Area 10 MM
Measuring Mode 2-wavelength concentration difference of optical methods
Sensors Silicon semiconductor photodiode
Measuring Range 0.0-99.9 SPAD
Accuracy ±1.0 SPAD
Repeat ±0.3 SPAD
Power 2 AA batteries
Memory 30 datum
Key buttons AVG button: Calculates the average of data
Del button: Clear all the data
DISP button: Display stored datum
MEAS button: Press MEAS key to test

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