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Fruit Penetrometer / Fruit Hardness Tester

Fruit Penetrometer / Fruit Hardness Tester

Panomex Inc. brings to you three innovative models of Fruit Hardness Meters often called Fruit Penetrometers. This handheld fruit hardness meter is an essential instrument for judging maturity of fruits by measuring their hardness in order to improve fruit quality, harvest, storage, and product transportation time. The fruit Penetrometer accurately measures fruit hardness by measuring the force required to push a plunger tip (of a certain size) into fruit and vegetables.

These fruit hardness testers or meters are lightweight and compact in design, offer convenient operation on the field and available for sale at competitive price throughout India. These instruments confirm to national and international quality standards and recommended for scientific research department, Fruit Company, fruit tree farm, colleges and universities, etc.

Specifications: Analog Fruit Penetrometer
Model PX-145 PX-146 PX-147
Scale value 2-15kg/cm²(x105pa) 0.5-4kg/ cm²(x105pa) 1-24kg/ cm²(x105pa) 05-12kg/ cm²(x105pa)
Pressure head size Φ3.5mm 8 mm 11 mm
Accuracy ±0.1 ±0.02 ±0.1
Insertion depth of pressure head 10mm

Specifications: Digital Fruit Penetrometer
Model PX-148 PX-149
Range 0.01 Kg/cm2 0.01 Kg/cm2
Pressure head diameter 1#  11.1mm 2#  7.9mm
Display Digital LCD
Insertion depth of pressure head 10mm

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This video explains how fruit hardness is measured using penetrometer