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Leaf Area Meter

Leaf Area Meter

Our leaf area meter often called leaf area index meter is a handheld instrument that performs non-destructive leaf area measurement. It is widely used in plant physiology studies and agricultural research. This device is useful to test various data such leaf index, average area, width, perimeter and ration of length and width. Using proven scanning technology this portable leaf area meter provides reliable readings that can be seen on LCD display and can be further saved in computer through RS232 interface.

This leaf area meter is supplied in a hard carrying case, which includes meter device, battery, PC connection cable and software.

Model PX/LAM/01
Measuring range Leaf area, average area, length of leaf
Width of leaf, perimeter
Ratio of Length and width
Test Units Millimeter
Square millimeter
Precision +2%
Length 1000 mm
Width 160 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Memory 200 Groups
Power 6 Volts
Output RS232 Interface

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This video describes how area, width and length are measured using leaf area meter.