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Plant Nutrition Analyzer

Plant Nutrition Analyzer

Plant chlorophyll, nitrogen content and moisture content are some of important nutrition that is basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. Using near infrared spectroscopy, Our Plant nutrient analyzer or plant nutrient meter can test this nutrition content by near-infrared spectrum nondestructive testing. One of the biggest benefits of this instrument is its non-destructive measurement.

Designed with latest technology, our plant nutrition analyzer offers fast and convenient working performance to the users. This instrument can test and save plant chlorophyll, nitrogen and leaf temperature at the same time; furthermore, this unit also features easy to draw plant nutrient, leaf temperature and information graph essential for plant precision irrigation and fertilization.

As this unit is equipped with GPS Module, the received data can be printed as longitude, speed and time. Other features include wire and wireless data transfer facilities, view previous stored data, automatic and manual measurement patterns etc.

Handheld & light weight design Measurement without affecting plant growth
Fast and accurate measurement All nutrition measurement at same time
Built with GPS module Automatic and Manual measurement patterns
Readings can be stord Wired or wireless data transfer

Model PX-152

Testing object

Nitrogen, Chlorophyll and Leaf temperature

Measuring range Chlorophyll 0.0-99.9SPAD,
Nitrogen content 0.0 to 99.9 mg/g
Leaf humidity 0.0-99.9 RH%
Leaf temperature -10-99.9 ℃
Measurement area 2mm*2mm
Accuracy Chlorophyll  ±2.0 SPAD (at room temperature, the SPAD value between 0 to 50)
Nitrogen content ±5%
leaf humidity ±5%
leaf temperature ±0.5℃
Repetitive Chlorophyll ±0.3 SPAD
Nitrogen content ±0.5
humidity ±0.5
leaf temperature ±0.2℃
Measuring time interval less than 3s
Data storage capacity 32KB
Power 4.2v rechargeable lithium batteries 2000mah
Weight 200g
Work Environment -10℃~50℃ ≤85%Relative humidity

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