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Plant Photosynthesis Meter

Plant Photosynthesis Meter

Use this plant photosynthesis meter with laptop to connect with CO2 Meter and leaf chamber to receive data from sensors. This instrument is portable in design and offers accurate measurement, while providing all the benefits professionals want in a reliable plant photosynthesis meter. This unit is blessed with latest innovations in optical and electronics technologies and follow advanced measuring concept essential for today's research needs.

We understand the benefits of handheld device in field applications; therefore, our technical team has adopted latest electronics invention as a tool and made this instrument with smaller components that make it lighter than other models available on the market today. This digital photosynthesis meter provides easy measurement and requires only pressing button to complete a measurement. Laboratory test has proved the accuracy and reliability of our instruments.

It is an economical priced instrument and very convenient to farmers, agriculture researchers and greenhouse growers. This unit can perform multiple tests including photosynthetic rate, steaming rate, stomatal conductance, and CO2 density of plants. This unit can be operated with AC and DC power sources. Featuring user-friendly controls and reliable performance, this unit is ideal for wide range of applications in research, education and practice.

Model PX-151
CO2 Resolution: 1ppm
Measure range: 0 - 1000ppm
Accuracy: ±1%
Relative humidity Resolution: 0.1%
Measure range: 0-100%
Accuracy: 2%
Temperature Resolution: 0.1%
Measure range: 0-100%
Accuracy: 2%
Illumination Resolution: 1 uE
Measure range: 0-3000 uE
Accuracy: ±10 uE
Included Main controller
Leaf chamber
Gas tank

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