Sugar Refractometer

Sugar Refractometer

This refractometer is rugged, portable and water resistant in nature and an ideal instrument for sugar analysis in laboratory and field. Featuring microprocessor based circuit design; this refractometer offers superior analysis to determine accurate sugar concentration in fruits, juice, honey, jam, vegetables etc.

This sugar refractometer is an easy to use instrument that facilitates simple operation thorough touch keys. Large LCD display ensures minimum human error while reading the results. Its compact design makes this instrument comfortably suitable for both laboratory and field analysis works. This refractometer requires only few drops of sample to measure the sugar (Brix) concentration. This instrument is fast and reliable, after few seconds of dropping the sample drops this refractometer measures the reflective index and converts it to %Brix.

As Brix / Sugar analysis requires superior quality of analysis, this instrument is designed to meet international quality standards set by the concerned regularities around the world.

Compact design, rugged housing Sugar content analysis for fruits & foods
Simple to operate Microprocessor based circuit for quick results
Automatic temperature compensation Average data available

Model PX-195
Range 0 to 32.0%
Accuracy ±0.2%
Sampling Time Approx. 3 Sec
Power Supply 9V x 1EA
Weight Approx 500g

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