Urine SG Refractometer

Urine S.G. Refractometer

Panomex Inc. brings to you a portable refractometer that is used to measure specific gravity of urine in clinical test laboratories. This Urine SG Refractometer is used for both people and animals with superior efficiency. This refractometer features microprocessor based circuit that facilitates accurate and fast readings.

This urine refractometer plays important role where high quality testing of urine specific gravity is a mandatory process. This unit is used widely in testing sports persons for proper hydration levels, where urine specific gravity not to exceed 1.025 and this unit is also a reliable part of many healthcare programs and diagnosis of various renal diseases. This urine SG Refractometer is highly simple to use and requires only few drops of urine to reveal diagnostic results.

Handheld design for easy use Fast readings with excellent accuracy
Calibration by distilled water Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Built-in Low battery indicator Water proof housing
Heavy-duty and lightweight Only few droops are enough for testing

Model PX-194
Moisture Range 1 to 1.050
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy ±0.002
Power Supply 9 V Battery
Weight Approx. 1kg
Certifications CE, ROHS and WEEE

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