Analog Soil Salinity Meter

Analog Soil Salinity Meter

For agriculture professionals and farmers, soil salinity meter is one the commonly used instruments. This soil salinity meter is directly related to measuring salinity problems happen in irrigation areas. In order to deep study such problems, we need an instrument that can measure salinity and give us accurate information. Looking forward to such issues, we design, manufacture and supply salinity meters.

This model of soil salinity meter is fast, accurate and test the salinity of the soil regularly in fields. It is economical in price, operated without battery and can be taken anywhere in field, where analysis of salinity has to be done.

Analog display Operation without battery
Single hand operation Fast and accurate readings
Handheld instrument Durable construction

Model PX-137
Fertility range 0-200PPM
PH range 1-10PH
Illumination range 0-2000lux
Test range moisture, PH, illumination

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