Soil Compaction Meter

Digital Soil Compaction Meter

In irrigation soil compaction is one of the serious problem that directly puts adverse effect on plant development. Furthermore, a compacted soil may resist efficient utilization of fertilizers and pesticides. In this case, soil compaction meter helps us to measure and test hardness of soil. It analyses, to which level soil can absorb chemical fertilizers that influence plant growth.

This soil compaction meter by Panomex Inc. is designed with advanced technology and features many useful controls as compared to analog meter. This is accurate, fast and reliable instrument and with rugged housing, this unit provides excellent working experience in fields. Furthermore, in addition to measures soil compaction, this unit can save readings and with RS232 interface, these readings can be transferred to computer for further analysis. This unit also features GPS orientation system that shows the longitude and latitude of testing area.

Digital instrument Handheld design & rugged housing
RS232 interface GPS system
Perfect for field use Suitable for plant development

Model PX-139
Measure Depth 0 - 375mm
Max load 10000Kpa
Resolution 0.1Kpa
Accuracy ± 1%
Output interface -10°C to 60°C
Power Chargeable Battery

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