COD Analyzer

COD Analyzer

COD Analyzer

This is microprocessor based instrument is especially designed to measure COD content accurately and fast. This COD analyzer is a benchtop unit that comes with durable housing, LCD display and many useful accessories enabling users to experience a professional testing. This unit is ideal for cod measurement in wastewater, ecology, study of fresh water in ponds and lakes and determination of water quality in laboratories.

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Benchtop unit for easy use Accurate results all time
USB communication interface Stored data can be search by number or time
Cold light source Automatic zero adjustment
Output data can be printed Supplied as compete test kit

Model PX-155
Digestion Temperature 165 ± 1.5°C
Digestion time 10 minutes
Cl- ion interference range Cl- 1200 mg/L
Detection limit 5 mg/L
Measuring range 5 mg/L to 2000 mg/L
Repeatability ≤ ± 3%
Optical stability A ≤ 0.002/20 min
Sample amount 20 pcs water sample
Power supply 220 volts

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