Water Hardness Meter

Water Hardness Meter

Water Hardness Meter

Panomex brings to you portable water hardness meter that comes with microprocessor based technology. This is highly developed instrument for analytical usages in testing and research laboratories worldwide. This unit is capable of measuring total hardness and ion concentration with superior accuracy. This hardness meter comes as a complete kit that includes RS232 interface, electrode and optional magnetic stirrer. We are leading supplier of water hardness test kit in India, which is available for sale at wholesale price.

Water hardness may vary from place to place and an important factor when used in many industrial and laboratory applications. Hardness in water is the total concentration of calcium ion (Ca2+) and magnesium ion (Mg2+), which is an important index for water quality. Use this meter that adopts electrode method to analyze hardness in water with same accuracy with EDTA titration method.

Portable design Fast and reliable measurements
Large digital display Excellent data storage
IP 67 water proof rating Carrying case

Model PX-153
Water Hardness Meter Range 0 ~ 10mmol/L or 0~ 1000mg/L (ppm) [CaCO3]
Resolution 0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
Accuracy ±5%  full scale
Calibration Solution B1, B2 and B3/btl (100mL)
Memory 99 data storage
Power 2 AA batteries (1.5V x 2)

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